what is detox FAQ

Detox is the first step towards recovering from a chemical dependency. Mismanaged withdrawal can lead to strokes, seizures, cardiac impairment and even death. That is why Remedy Detox Centers focuses on one specialized service: detoxification in a safe and supervised environment. We handle sub acute detoxification, which requires 24/7 individual supervision, medically managed care, and clinical supervision.

are all detoxes the same FAQ

At Remedy Detox we customize each detox to meet the needs of each individual. Our team understands and addresses each client’s needs throughout their addiction treatment. We are always consulting with our addiction specialist physician to stay informed of the new and cutting edge treatments available.

how long does detox take FAQ

Although all detoxes are different, most take approximately 3 to 10 days. 3 days is the minimum, and in some cases more than 10 days may be required.

what happens after detox FAQ

Addiction is a chronic brain disease that cannot be overcome by simply discontinuing the use of drugs or alcohol. Recovery is possible and addiction can go into remission with support and appropriate after care. Remedy Detox Center’s goal is to provide assistance in finding the most appropriate aftercare plan for each client whether that is residential treatment, outpatient treatment or linked to supportive, drug free environments to gain the stability he or she may need. While physical symptoms are the focus of detox, we at Remedy believe that it is essential to pair clinical support with withdrawal management to assist with managing each individual’s thoughts and feelings that come up during withdrawal.

how much does detox cost FAQ

Remedy Detox Centers aims to be affordable and provide services to everyone in need. Our fees are much lower than traditional hospital based detox programs.

Under the Affordable Care Act, many clients are covered by insurance. Please call 866-314-1964 anytime to speak to an intake specialist who will work with you regarding payment options.

We realize that after choosing to free yourself of addiction, money is the second biggest obstacle to getting help. If money, insurance and financing is still an obstacle, don’t give up. Please call us, regardless. We can help you with alternative programs and options.

what do I need to bring FAQ

Bring your comfy cozies, we want you to be comfortable. Only a few changes of clothes are required. We provide everything, including basic toiletries, meals prepared onsite by our chef, laundry, and all necessary detox medications. Please bring any medically necessary non-addictive medications, which our clinical staff will administer as necessary.