detox services - time to detox in block lettersA supervised medically assisted detox greatly improves our client’s chances of sustainable recovery. Remedy Detox Center Services offers a variety of counseling options as well to make the process easier.

A Substance Use Disorder such as alcoholism and drug addiction is defined as a chronic disease. If left untreated, it will have serious and life-threatening consequences. Physical dependence compromises an individual’s ability to voluntarily stop using and trying to quit on your own can be dangerous and uncomfortable. We work with our Addiction Specialized Physician, LVN’s, and licensed certified clinicians to provide a safe and comfortable withdrawal management 24 hours a day.

Detoxification Time Frame

Our focus is subacute detoxification. This type of detoxification lasts approximately three to 10 days, depending on the type and severity of drug and/or alcohol use. In some cases, though, individuals may need to stay with us longer than 10 days to achieve a good foundation of sobriety before moving on to their next level of treatment.


Upon beginning a substance detoxification, our clients are screened by our on-site professional healthcare staff to gather complete health information including a drug and alcohol use history. They are then evaluated by our clinicians to learn their strengths, needs, abilities, and preferences and assessed to identify what their individualized detox center services care plan should be.

Medication Assisted Treatment / Withdrawal

At Remedy Detox Centers, we understand how unpleasant withdrawal symptoms can be. While they differ greatly depending on the type of drug and severity of use, some of the most uncomfortable symptoms may include:

  • Vomiting
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Hallucinations

If necessary, clients may receive medications to assist them in combating these symptoms to make detox more comfortable. All medications must be prescribed by a licensed physician.

Preparing for Recovery With Remedy Detox Center Services

The preparation for recovery begins the minute a client walks through our welcoming doors. We address the special needs of the clients with ongoing monitoring and modification to each individuals plan. We want our clients to grow and evolve during the detox phase of their treatment. We are continually reviewing their progress to ensure the right path to recovery is followed.

Detoxification is just the first portion of recovery, and we want to ensure that our clients follow through with the recovery process to enjoy a life of contentment in sobriety. Our job is to provide quality detoxification services and set our clients up for sustainable success. We work hard to provide hope for the future to each of our clients and do what’s necessary to help them achieve a life of sobriety.

If you’re ready to begin the process of recovery, give Remedy Detox Center Services a call at 866-314-1964 today or contact us through our online form.