doctors tools for medically assisted detoxAddiction is a brain disease. Medications can often be used to treat diseases. There are medications available to help ease the symptoms of withdrawal to allow an addict to begin treatment. Addicts who opt for medically assisted detox to treat their addiction typically remain in treatment longer and have a better rate of success.

What is Medically Assisted Detox?

Medically assisted detox is the use of medications to help reduce cravings, minimize withdrawal symptoms and block the feelings of euphoria that accompany opioid use and abuse.

Dependency is the body’s physical reliance to a mind-altering substance so much that without it, the body will go into shock and experience withdrawal symptoms. In a controlled environment, medications can be administered in a safe manner to increase functioning. All medications are prescribed and their efficacy is evaluated on an ongoing basis. Our staff is careful to educate our clients regarding the effects, use and expected outcomes of medication.

Buprenorhrine (often in the form of Subutex of Suboxone) and Naltraxone are the most common medications that are prescribed to aid in the detox process. Naltraxone and Vivitrol can also be used as anti-craving options on a long-term basis to further aid recovery. In addition, doctors may recommend strong anti-nausea medications or even anti-psychotics to lessen uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms.

Benefits of Medically Assisted Detox

The most significant benefit of medically assisted detox is it helps to remove discomfort so clients can concentrate on their recovery and a positive road ahead. Both physically and emotionally, tapering off from substance abuse is much easier than making the decision to simply quit on your own. It is also safer to manage the withdrawal symptoms as they can, in some cases, be dangerous.

During the period that our clients are going through this process, they’ll stay in a gender specific home that offers a comfortable, safe atmosphere. Additionally, we conduct a face-to-face check with each of our clients every 30 minutes to ensure their comfort and safety.

Preparing for Treatment After Detox

At Remedy Detox Centers, our main goal is to prepare our clients for treatment and successful sobriety. Through a medically supervised detox led by our addiction specialist physician, we’re able to help our clients create a solid foundation for recovery.

After spending their needed time with us in our medically assisted detox facility, clients go on to the next level of treatment most appropriate for their needs. If you or a loved one are ready to create an individualized detox and rehab plan, Remedy Detox Centers in Long Beach, CA can help. Contact us at 866-314-1964 today.