For many individuals, the best route to recovery includes gender-specific treatment. At Remedy Detox Centers, our women’s detox center provides just that. Known as Peg’s House, this women’s only program gives individuals a safe environment where they can begin their journey to sobriety.

Finding Sobriety Through Our Women’s Detox Center

Woman Who Embraced Recovery at Our Women's Detox CenterAt Remedy Detox Centers, the main focus of our detox center services is helping individuals achieve sobriety. While there are many routes to recovery, they all start with the same first step: detox. Our women’s detox center is designed to make detox as safe, comfortable, and effective as possible.

The detox process for both men and women starts with a basic intake evaluation. This is a chance for medical professionals to meet with incoming clients. During this time, individuals can share their needs, health history, addiction habits, and any other pertinent information. This establishes the groundwork for treatment planning, and it helps set expectations on both sides.

Sometimes, women will benefit from medically assisted treatment. This means using specific medications to ease the discomfort of withdrawal. In other cases, more holistic resources will be enough to keep patients comfortable and safe throughout withdrawal. When safety is a priority, women and their loved ones can have peace of mind about the entire withdrawal and recovery process.

Benefits of Gender-Specific Programs

A women’s detox center can offer a number of advantages to female clients. Many women appreciate the safe, distraction-free environment, as well as the focus on gender-specific issues.

Being able to relax and feel comfortable is crucial during detox. Because the withdrawal process is already challenging, any extra stress or hassle should be avoided. Some women experience stress or anxiety when in a mixed detox program. If the program is geared exclusively to women, then they may feel better about the process.

In addition, our women’s detox program can cater to the specific needs of female patients. This can include smaller issues, like decor and food, as well as more important issues. During group sessions, for example, women can focus on the issues most relevant to female patients during recovery. These could include issues such as eating disorders, custody concerns, and reproductive health.

Exploring Peg’s House

Peg’s House is the accommodation option for women who seek treatment at Remedy Detox Centers. Patients will appreciate the warm and cozy atmosphere of Peg’s House, which feels more like a traditional house than a clinical establishment.

Women staying in Peg’s House will have access to all the medical detox center services that are necessary for a safe and healthy withdrawal. In addition, they will have comfortable accommodation, 24/7 supervision and plenty of accountability throughout their journey to recovery.

Advantages of Communal Living

Peg’s House is truly that: a house. Unlike some detox facilities, it won’t feel like the wing of a hospital. Instead of being sterile and bland, it’s like staying with friends. The communal living aspect is appealing, but it’s also beneficial on the road to sobriety.

A communal environment encourages peer sharing and support. Many female clients can be a tremendous help to one another. Sharing experiences and offering advice also helps patients feel less alone. Addiction and recovery can both be isolating, but a communal living arrangement promotes camaraderie.

Individuals can share meals and establish a routine. While detox can be challenging, having a support system of women around you can make all the difference.

The Full Continuum of Care Starts With Sobriety

Recovery is a journey, and it’s one that includes several steps. However, you won’t want to plan out this entire journey while you’re still under the influence of addictive substances. An individualized detox has to come first.

Once detox is complete, then you’ll be ready to take the next steps. Detox professionals can point you in the right direction, guiding you to the recovery you deserve. To get you to that point, you can expect:

  • 24/7 medical assistance and monitoring
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Group and family counseling
  • Individual talk therapy
  • Tapering methods when appropriate

If you’re serious about overcoming addiction, then a women’s detox center might be the right program for you. Contact Remedy Detox Centers in Long Beach, California, at 866-314-1964 to take back control over your life and end your addiction for good.