About Remedy Detox Centers

Our doors are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide the highest quality of detoxification care. The overall goal of Remedy Detox Centers is to improve the quality of life and to safely assist each client with withdrawal management always using the 6 dimensions of ASAM(American Society of Addiction Medicine) to evaluate impairment and to address the most acute problem first. This will ensure the appropriate level of care is provided to each client.

Not one journey into addiction is the same, so each path out needs to be individually designed. Our clinicians access each client to diagnose their specific needs. We have counselors and healthcare professionals available 24 hours a day. Our chef will provide home cooked meals and our consulting Addiction Specialist physician will prescribe any needed medications to assist with the physical symptoms of withdrawal.

Once the physical symptoms have subsided then it is time to create the plan to improve the quality of life and to help establish goals for a successful transition. Our clinical team at Remedy Detox Centers help create a vision of what lies ahead for our clients.