counseling services at remedy detox centers

Remedy Detox Centers provide a continuum of care that ensures all clients and family members are evaluated and provided services, from intake through counseling. Our clients are then linked to primary and secondary care to meet their needs. The specific areas that demonstrate a continuum of care are:

Screening and Intake Assessment

A screening and intake process is completed immediately upon arrival. The strengths, needs, abilities, and preferences of each client are identified explicitly for integration within an individual plan of care. Each client is assessed throughout all areas of their lives and our health care staff work diligently to rule out immediate medical risks.

Individual Treatment Planning

An individual treatment plan is developed with each client within the first day of treatment. The client is a full participant in the process where goals and objectives are based on individual needs, strengths, abilities and preferences. Goals are stated in the client’s own language, and the client has open access to the individual treatment plan upon request.

Individual / Group / Family Therapy and Counseling

Counseling occurs once our client begins to stabilize in the detox process and involves psychological and social therapies that help the client to understand and manage contributing factors to their addiction. This is on an individualized basis and many clients require emotional support starting on the first day of treatment. Research has shown that something as simple as the rapport experienced between a counselor and client can contribute to greater positive treatment outcomes and continued recovery after treatment. As a result, individual, group and family therapy is an essential component to our program.

Crisis Intervention

Emergency response to a mental health crisis is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Staff utilizes an on-call system and procedures that ensure all situations requiring specialized crisis interventions are responded to in a timely and effective manner.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

At Remedy Detox Centers, our counselors use a variety of modalities to work with each of our clients. One modality that can be effective in the detox setting is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). CBT focuses on learning to modify dysfunctional thought patterns. The treatment goals are for clients to learn to recognize negative thought patterns, evaluate their validity, and replace them with healthier ways of thinking. Clients can then develop positive coping skills and strategies to manage all aspects of their lives including addiction. Studies have shown that CBT can be helpful not only while the therapy is in process but can also be effective, even sometimes growing more effective, after therapy was discontinued.

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