Man Who Embraced Recovery at Our Residential Detox ProgramAt Remedy Detox Centers in Long Beach, California, we offer a residential detox program that provides a great starting point for your addiction recovery journey. While living at our facility, our professionals meet your treatment needs and help your body eliminate all dangerous toxins. During this otherwise scary, potentially dangerous time, compassionate medical professionals will ensure that you’re safe and comfortable.

Our Residential Detox Program Prepares You for Next Steps

At Remedy, we provide a much safer situation than at-home self-detox or less qualified facilities. You’ll be safe, secure, supported, and comfortable during this important process. After completing our residential detox program, we’ll collaborate with you in finding your next level of care.

Detox at our facility gives you the chance to:

  • Start planning your future
  • Clear negative drug relationships from your life
  • Recognize sources of anger and triggers
  • Gain support of loved ones
  • Plan ways to avoid temptation
  • Clear your life of abused substances
  • Build hope for your future while energizing to meet goals

You also build physical strength in this environment. Good nutrition, hydration, sobriety and early fitness activities work together in rebuilding your wellness. You also regain important nutrients lost during substance abuse.

Feeling good and eating right are important toward making healthy choices in all areas of your life. At Remedy Detox Centers, your newfound clarity and wellness make this the best time for making smart decisions about your next steps in recovery.

Why a Residential Detox Program Is Important

Our high-quality residential detox program keeps you safe from dangerous detox effects. For many people, detox causes life-threatening problems like heart palpitations, severe depression, seizures, or other conditions. Being in a protected setting with medical supervision provides safety and health monitoring.

Detox is also different for individuals according to the substance abused and their personal health. The symptoms you experience and how they affect you will be different from another person going through detox. Our medical team is well-versed in all detox symptoms, which gives them the ability to act quickly if complications do arise.

Because going through withdrawal involves some highly uncomfortable symptoms, our professionals can administer various medications if needed. You may suffer a serious headache or have need to taper down from your abused drug. The medical professionals of a qualified facility have the knowledge and professional ability to help you through various withdrawal symptoms.

Additionally, because seeking sobriety can be an overwhelming time in your life, we want to limit the financial burden of our detox center services. Remedy Detox Center offers payment and insurance options for this level of detox care. In fact, most national insurance providers are more likely to work with us since we’re a gold seal, Joint Commission-accredited facility. What this means is that we consistently exceed international treatment standards.

The First Step Toward Lasting Sobriety

Although continuing care and therapy are vital to your addiction recovery, detox is the first step. During our quality residential detox program, you won’t be alone in your decision-making. You’ll receive individualized care and experienced guidance in determining the next steps.

Other benefits of Remedy Detox Centers include:

  • Gender-specific programs
  • Abstinence or medically assisted treatment
  • Rapid two-day intensive detox to kickstart your recovery
  • Vivitrol implants as needed
  • Connections with quality recovery rehab centers
  • Counseling throughout detox in individual, group and family sessions
  • CBT therapy during detox

Don’t go through drug or alcohol withdrawal alone. Call Remedy Detox Centers in Long Beach at 866-314-1964 to contact our admissions department.