Our gender specific detox homes are designed to treat only women or men in their respective facilities.  We believe a single gender residence allows clients to feel more at ease and comfortable at the pivotal time.

Peg’s House

Peggy is the aunt and great aunt of our founders. Peg credits the twelve step program for her success.  After years of drinking and reaching her breaking point Peg found her way to recovery.

“In recovery, I have learned the most amazing things.  God will sometimes use ugly wrapping paper for his gifts. Because I thought being sober would be the worst thing in the world and the last thing I ever wanted, it actually turned out to be my greatest God given gift. For without sobriety, everything precious in my life goes away. Therefore getting sober and staying sober is the most important thing to me today.  May God bless you and guide your path.” –Peg

Steve’s House

Steve is the brother and uncle of our founders. He has overcome addiction to be the sober courageous man he is today.  His addiction came later in life, he had a successful career, marriage and three beautiful daughters. He was head of the school board and a youth basketball coach.

The stress of life led Steve to excessive and destructive drinking.  As the addition became all consuming, Steve ultimately lost his job, marriage and the respect of his community.  It was his daughters that saved him with an intervention that led to detox and a healthy life style. He credits his second stay in detox with saving his life. When starting Remedy Detox Centers, our founder spent countless hours with his brother to ensure we created an environment that makes our clients feel safe and cared for.